Square Meeting Table

2 available: – Square meeting table in a stone oak finish on arrowhead bases with cable management.  1600w  


£195.00+VAT EACH

Radial workstations 

1 available: – Left-hand Large corner desk in Anthracite with white frame. 1800w x 1200d x 725h. 

Matching storage also available.

£100.00+VAT EACH

Rectangular CT Table 

3 Avaliable- x1- Grey frame, x2 Black frame.

Rectangular CT tables.

1600w x 800d x 725h.


£50-60.00 +VAT EACH

Bank of 2 Fixed Height Adjustable Desks

2 available: Bank of 2 fixed height adjustable desks in a white finish with a white frame. 


£160.00+VAT EACH

Radial Workstations

2 available: 1 Right hand return and 1 left hand return. All white with anthracite grey edge detail. with fixed 3 drawer pedestal. 1600w x 1600d x 725h.

Screens also available- X6- £130.00 + vat each 

£275.00+VAT EACH

Rectangular Desk

Rectangular workstation in white finish with silver frame. 

1400w x 700d x 725h.


£60.00 +VAT EACH

Rectangular Desk

Rectangular workstation in stone oak finish with silver frame. 

1500w x 700d x 725h.


£65.00 +VAT EACH

Circular meeting table 

Circular meeting table in anthracite finish with a chrome base.

Seats 4  

1200 diam x 725h

£125.00 + VAT

Circular Meeting Table 

Circular meeting table in light grey finish with a grey base. 

Seats 6-8

1600 diam x 725h 

Large Three way workstation

Three way workstation in Santiago cherry finish and grey frame.

£500.00 + VAT

Three segment workstations

 Ex showroom Maple finish three way segment desking. 

Blue Screens included.

Large Oak Corner Desk

1 available: Right-hand. Large corner desk with 3 drawers. 1800mm x 1200mm. Top drawers are lockable. 

£110.00+VAT EACH
Bank of 6 rectangular bench system

1 available. 6 rectangular desks 1400mm x 800mm. 4200mm x 1600mm in total. Screens included.

Small Beech Wave Desk

5 available: Left-hand & right-hand. Small beech wave desk. 1200mm x 1000mm. Pedestals included.

Prices can be negotiated for all 

£49.00+VAT EACH
Large Wave Ash Desk

18 left-handed and 18 right-handed available. Large Wave Ash desk. 1400mm &1600mm versions. Pedestals included.


Light Oak desk with fixed two drawer pedestal

1 Available: Light oak desks on a grey cantilever frame with fixed 2 drawer pedestal.

1200w x 800d x 725h.


Light Oak rectangular desk

2 Available: Light oak rectangular desk on grey cantilever frame. 1200w x 800d x 725h.

(picture for demonstration purposes only picture to follow)

£49.00+VAT EACH

Mobile Beech Segment Circle Table

Mobile segment circle table on grey four legged frame with lockable castors. 

In a beech finish.

900w x 710h  


Mobile Circle Table 

Mobile circle table on a grey pyramid frame with lockable castors.

In a Japanese ash finish.


£45.00+VAT EACH

Scoop & Push Desk

Scoop and push desk on a frame legs.

In a grey finish.


£55.00+VAT EACH

Small Freestanding End Desk


Small end of desk extension. with one fixed shelf on a dark grey frame.

In a Light Oak finish.


£15.00+VAT EACH